27th Jun 2024

We all rely on the NHS… so we must ensure that it can deliver the best care int he way and time that suits us best

We all rely on the NHS. It is an act of faith for us all. So, we must ensure that it can deliver the best care in the way and time that suits us best.

We have been training and hiring more healthcare professionals. There are now 45,220 more doctors and 69,685 more nurses than under Labour. Just since 2022/23 we have recruited 6,656 more doctors and 20,738 nurses.

Post-pandemic we have surged additional support to help with the backlog, including for 2 million more operations and 2.5 million more new NHS dental appointments. We have eliminated the longest waits and are working to get the pandemic backlog down.

And we have been steadily making progress on improving facilities. But there is more to do.

As well as listening to patient experiences I have spent time with doctors and other staff in surgeries, the QA and the community and listening in to their call centres.

I will work to:

• Establish a dental school and a medical school here in
Portsmouth to help us recruit and retain medics working
in the city.

• Open up swift access to GP appointments by continuing
increasing the patient : GP ratio in Portsmouth North.

• Continue increasing dental provision and deliver on all
the recommendations of my dental summit.

• Continue to improve access to diagnostic services and
get same-day services for blood tests.

• Strengthen the primary care network to get greater
consistency of care and patient experience across Portsmouth, and ensure we are making best use of the resources we have.

• Work to improve NHS Human Resources for our local
healthcare staff.

• Build new community healthcare facilities for primary and
community care.

I have the experience to make a real difference to the effectiveness of our local healthcare and it would be my top priority.