Penny Mordaunt meets with Microsoft

Great meeting with @Microsoft today about assistive technology and the insight and innovation disabled people bring to their business. Thank You. Penny Mordaunt - from

Update on fire safety

Firstly I want to thank Portsmouth City Council for its swift action in sending in material from its own tower blocks for testing, the reassurance and fire safety measures for residents of those blocks and work to remove cladding shown to be flammable, already well underway. They were one of the first councils to act and make use of the free testing service set up by Government. As well as its own blocks the Council has been actively identifying all properties that are over 6 stories or greater than 18 meters within the private market in Portsmouth. Where there is external cladding on properties the council has been actively contacting the owners of these properties to both provide support a

Penny Mordaunt announces campaign with ORCA in Portsmouth

Penny Mordaunt MP met with ORCA at Portsmouth International Ferry Port to discuss their work and jointly working together on a new campaign. Penny said, "Thank you @ORCA_web for all you are doing. Proud it's Portsmouth producing some amazing initiatives to protect whales/dolphins in shipping lanes." Penny announced via Twitter; "I will be working with @ORCA_web and UK oil companies to expand their #oceanwatch programme to rigs." ORCA works to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises in and around the UK and European waters.

Penny Mordaunt wins with landslide majority in Portsmouth North seat.

BATTLING to secure the best Brexit deal for Portsmouth is top of the agenda for returning MP Penny Mordaunt. Ms Mordaunt clinched a landslide victory in the general election, claiming Portsmouth North for the third successive time with a majority of 10,059. The Tory gained almost 5,000 votes from her 2015 result, demolishing support for Ukip, with its vote share slumping from 8,660 to 1,926. While a resurgent Labour gained just under 5,000 additional votes from 2015 romping into second place. In Ms Mordaunt’s victory speech she claimed the next five years were ‘critical’ in negotiating a Brexit deal that would help Portsmouth – and the UK – ‘thrive’. And she pledged she would aim to look at

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