Penny Mordaunt MP: Budget Statement

"I'm delighted to see the emphasis on technical and maths education and the massive uplift in investment for tech companies, infrastructure and the prosperity fund. That is good news for Portsmouth. The increase in the NHS's budget and further funds for NHS pay will be very welcome. Great to also see naval families and veterans benefiting for further substantial Libor funding. I am also pleased to see changes for UC, most helpfully the removal of waiting days and the changes to housing benefit, and an increase to the minimum wage and a further freeze to fuel duty. This will help Portsmouth people with cost of living. Good to hear too of massive increase in house building, help for first time

Penny Mordaunt MP hosts Fishing and Sustainable Food summit in Portsmouth

Penny Mordaunt MP hosted a special summit in Portsmouth with fishermen, conservation organisations, environmental groups, the local authority and key partners. The Fishing and Sustainable Food summit looked at current challenges and potential opportunities for the Solent area as leave the European Union. The aim of the summit is to create a long term plan and creation of a Solent Taskforce to implement the plan. This is the first step into making both the plan and the Taskforce a reality.

Penny Mordaunt’s speech at the first conference of Charity Futures, a new think tank looking at the

I’m really honoured to have been asked to speak to you this evening, and delighted to be able to congratulate you all on this new and important venture. I had wanted to take as my theme a comparison between my current profession, a politician, and my former profession as someone who worked and volunteered in yours: the third sector. Even though your sector is regarded in much higher esteem than mine, what you do can often be a thankless and exposed task. Treatment that was largely reserved for the likes of me, national politicians, is increasingly being metered out to Councillors, Trustees and volunteers- basically anyone who decides to stick their head above the parapet and attempt to do so

Food for Thought Lunch for Hospitality Leaders.

Springboard, in partnership with Foxes Academy, The Camden Society and The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts recently held a sophisticated lunch hosted by Westminster Kingsway College, to promote the employment of people with learning disabilities within the hospitality industry. Springboard has specialised programmes dedicated to helping young people with learning disabilities gain the skills needed to enter the world of work, training them in a variety of hospitality fields – including waiting, catering and housekeeping. Currently, people with learning disabilities make up a disproportionately small amount of the workforce – with only 5.8% currently in paid employment. Unfortunately, some com

Penny Mordaunt MP launches 'Food, Festivities & Friendship' campaign to tackle lonelines

When the nights are dark and cold, the Christmas lights are twinkling and festive cheer is taking hold, please spare a thought for those who are less fortunate. Spare a thought for the elderly person who's alone, the mum who's worrying about paying for Christmas, the pensioner who's worried about paying the winter heating bill and the rough sleepers on the streets outside. Portsmouth has a big, big heart. The incredible community groups, volunteer organisations, outreach services, churches of all religions are inspiring. Add that alongside our amazing traders across the city and we have a a lot to offer people as a city. My Food, Festivities and Friendship campaign is a way of trying to brin

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