Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

We are closed between 23rd December until 27th December for the Christmas holiday. The office also be closed on 31st December until 2nd January 2018. Merry Christmas, Penny Mordaunt MP

Penny Mordaunt MP calls for constituents to get cardiac arrest ready

Penny Mordaunt MP is urging constituents in Portsmouth North to get prepared now so they would know what to do if faced with a cardiac arrest. This comes as St John Ambulance’s latest research shows more than half of Britons1 (53%) have no idea where their nearest life saving equipment is, despite the fact that up to seven out of 10 people who suffer a cardiac arrest could survive if they are treated with a defibrillator inside the first five minutes. Penny Mordaunt MP is showing their support for the nation’s leading first aid charity’s call for the nation to get prepared in the event of cardiac arrest. The new statistics also found that 61% wouldn’t know what to do if faced with a cardiac

Penny Mordaunt MP: The QA must take action immediately to assure patient safety.

"It is very disappointing to see the criticism of lack of governance and tolerated risk in one part of the QAs Xray department. They must take action immediately to clear any backlog and assure patient safety. The issue was raised by a member of the public and the CQC has acted swiftly to investigate. In their report they praised the leadership in the radiology service who had tried to improve things and it must be stressed that their investigation was about only one part of the QAs service. It is good to see both that local leadership and public concern being taken seriously. I will be asking the QA what it is now intending to do, and why it was unable to give the CQC a satisfactory respons

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