Penny Mourdant MP to celebrate redevelopment of Portsdown Technology Park.

The MP for Portsmouth North, the Rt. Hon. Penny Mourdant will join QinetiQ and the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) at Portsdown Technology Park on Friday 25 January to mark the official start of work on the site. The £23m redevelopment project at Portsdown Technology Park (PTP) will create up to 100 jobs and transform it into a UK Centre of Excellence for Maritime Mission Systems. Penny Mourdant who is also the Secretary of State for International Development and Minister for Women and Equalities will be at Technology Park along with representatives from QinetiQ and the Solent LEP. The redevelopment project includes the development of a brand new building, increasing the site’s cap

“Get to a deal. We have to honour Brexit. Get on with it, politicians.”

Penny Mordaunt says UK shifting towards no-deal to get Brexit done. A UK cabinet minister has said the British public is throwing its support behind a no-deal Brexit, suggesting that MPs will be thwarting democracy if they block such an outcome. Penny Mordaunt, the Eurosceptic international development secretary, said that the country’s stance was hardening on leaving the EU without a deal — in favour of the alternative of trading with the bloc on World Trade Organisation terms. “You see this shift to no-deal. It’s not because [voters] particularly want WTO terms, it’s because they want it done,” she told the Financial Times in an interview. “That’s not necessarily because that’s their prefe

Penny Mordaunt slams Portsmouth port campaigners for stirring up ‘hysteria’ over no-deal Brexit ‘Arm

From the Portsmouth News: A CABINET member has slated city port campaigners for stirring up ‘hysteria’ with what she calls their talk of a no-deal Brexit ‘Armageddon’. Penny Mordaunt, Portsmouth North MP, lashed out at council leaders from across Hampshire who are convinced if Britain leaves Europe without a deal it will cause traffic carnage across the county’s motorways. The campaigners, who represent heads of authorities in Portsmouth, Hampshire, Southampton and the Isle of Wight, are worried a no-deal Brexit would cause delays in customs checks at Portsmouth International Port – and other ferry terminals – to spiral. And they say that to dodge security at major ports like Dover, Portsmou

Penny Mordaunt MP: Brexit must be delivered.

The public must be exasperated. Many of them agonised over which way to vote in the referendum. They had different views, different concerns, but whichever way they voted none of them were ever in any doubt that the result would be delivered. That is the trust they have in our institutions- in parliament, in our courts, and in us, their elected politicians who stood on manifestos which promised to implement their will. The greatest act of patriotism in the last few years was not by the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU, of which I was one. It was by the vast majority of those who voted remain and who adhered to our national democratic values and tradition by accepting the referen

Confirmation from the DoT about the port and the M3.

I've received the following letter from The Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, Secretary of State for the Department of Transport. His letter makes clear that the concerns around Portsmouth's port and lorry stacking are utter tosh. See the letter below, and for those who need a text version, below is the text from that letter. Penny. Dear Colleague, I wanted to write to you following the recent and wholly false press reports about closure of the M3 and the potential use of a ‘STACK’ arrangement and set out the true position. It has been reported that my Department was preparing plans to stack vehicles on the M3 in a “no-deal” Brexit scenario as a way of handling traffic disruption in the event of any

AQUIND Interconnector UPDATE (2019):

In December 2018 I met with residents, city councillors and senior planning officers from the City Council and took action to provide clarification regarding the activity of AQUIND Limited, who had been causing distress and confusion to many thousands of residents across the city. I also took the matter up with the Ministry on the same day, who was able to provide clarification for myself as the Member of Parliament for Portsmouth North and for the many residents affected across both constituencies. I was able to speak to both Aquind to make them aware of the distress that they had caused and also demanded that they sent a letter of clarification to put residents minds at ease, and to provid

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