Penny Mordaunt MP Pledges Support for Local Shops in Portsmouth North

Penny Mordaunt MP has pledged support for the 65 convenience stores in Portsmouth North at the Association of Convenience Stores’ Heart of the Community reception in Parliament to celebrate the essential role that local shops play in our communities. ACS’ Heart of the Community is an annual event which brings together retailers from across the convenience sector to speak to MPs about their business and the challenges that they face on a day to day basis. This year’s reception celebrated positive stories from across the sector and focused on how national policy debates could impact the running of local convenience store businesses. Penny said: “Convenience stores in my constituency play a key

Penny Mordaunt MP wins Politician of the Year at PinkNews awards

Penny Mordaunt MP wins Politician of the Year award at Pink News award ceremony. The celebrated and highly anticipated Pink News Awards took place last night at Church House, London. The awards look to celebrate LGBTQ+ champions, allies and public figures who work and fight to affect positive change for true equality. Penny Mordaunt MP was Minister for Women and Equalities from April 30th 2018 until 24th July 2019. Penny was honoured for both her work during that time and also during her tenure as an elected Member of Parliament. Pink News wrote: "The Tory MP Penny Mordaunt has a long record of advocating for LGBT rights in government. As a junior Defence Minister, in 2016 Mordaunt ensured t

To break this Brexit impasse, Leo Varadkar and the European Commission need to show flexibility and

In among all the disagreement, there is one thing that is clear. It’s manifestly in everyone’s interest if the UK leaves the EU in an orderly, friendly and constructive way. At this stage though, it seems a distant possibility. A lot is riding on the judgment of the players in the Brexit deal negotiations in the days ahead. The reason for us being at this point is the very same as for us leaving – reform. Or more precisely, the lack of it. A thousand years of uninterrupted British sovereignty has taught us one thing. If change isn’t allowed to be a process, it becomes an event. Structures must change. People must evolve their thinking. Jean-Claude Juncker may recall his words in response to

I'm supporting Guide Dogs UK campaign for safer streets.

Penny MordauntMP says, “I want streets that work for blind and partially sighted people” MP takes a trip down Guide Dogs’ Memory Lane. Penny MordauntMP spoke with the charity Guide Dogs at the ConservativeParty conference about the challenges that blind and partially sighted people face when walking the streets, including pavement parking, street clutter and shared spaces. Pavements blocked by parked cars or street clutter such as wheelie bins and overhanging branches can force pedestrians to walk into the road, putting them in danger of oncoming traffic. Shared space streets, where vital safety features such as kerbs and controlled crossings are removed, can also be dangerous and disorienta

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