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Recently I've written to residents across Paulsgrove and Port Solent: 


Dear resident,


I wanted to update you on the exploration of reopening the historical Paulsgrove Train Halt at Racecourse Lane.


Last year the government announced plans to explore re-opening old railway lines and train stations that had historically been closed and abandoned.


The Transport Minister visited Paulsgrove and agreed in principle to fund a feasibility study. We hoped that Portsmouth City Council would apply for the funding. Regrettably, the administration at Portsmouth City Council had prevented officers from doing this as they did not consider this a priority.


Last week I had a very positive meeting with the Transport team at Portsmouth City Council regarding this and have been assured that they are now looking into what city council resource would be required to submit a bid to the Government for funding to undertake a feasibility study for reopening the train halts.


This came at the same time as the Department for Transport making a further announcement that they are inviting MPs, local councils and community groups across England and Wales to propose how they could use funding to reinstate axed local services and restore closed stations.


This funding is split into 3 categories to ensure we can support different projects at different phases of development. The 3 categories are:


·       The Ideas Fund, early-stage ideas to restore rail services (other than rail station creation or restoration).

·       Advanced proposals, to provide support for lines and stations already being considered for restoration and for those identified as having further potential via the Ideas Fund application and assessment process.

·       Proposals for new or restored rail stations.


Connecting communities such as Paulsgrove, Wymering and Port Solent to the mainline and Portsmouth line could be beneficial on several counts.

  1. It will provide direct access to people living across Paulsgrove and Port Solent to public transportation (railway).

  2. It provides an alternative to car use and is better for the environment.

  3. Fast and quick travel to and from the city centre and to Gunwharf Quays.

  4. It could provide economic opportunities for the local area with increased footfall and travel.

Many residents have welcomed the idea of re-establishing train halts. To do this it is important that we undertake a thorough and independent feasibility study. That would allow the City Council to then progress through the next stages and working with wider partners and the Department for Transport to draw up a time scale and plans for the halts.


I will keep you updated on this matter and should you require more information or like to take part in a constituents survey on local transport, please visit


Yours sincerely,

Penny Mordaunt MP