Penny Mordaunt MP supports student book launch with the 'BFG' Steve Frampton at Highbury Col

It's been called the ‘UK college where education can be different’ led by a ‘Big Friendly Giant’ and its successes have been shared in a new book.

Portsmouth College and its dynamic principal Steve Frampton have been featured in the book Too Fast To Think, written by CEO and author Chris Lewis.

Chris wrote about the college after he visited it to see how the team there were preparing students for their next stage in life.

The college’s radical two-lessons-a-day timetable and the project that sees every student receive an iPad mini for use in class and at home were two examples of ideas and innovations that made it into the book, as examples of staying creative despite the modern-day pressures on the education sector.

The author introduces the college as having a ‘very progressive, dynamic and flexible culture’ and begins his piece on Steve with: ‘Led by a Big Friendly Giant with a brilliant team of like-minded people...’

Mr Frampton went to the book launch last week with Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt, where Chris described the college as ‘the UK college where education can be different’.

Mr Frampton said: ‘The book and launch was great publicity for the college, but also for Portsmouth itself.

‘The college and I are proud to have the hard work recognised at such a high level.

‘It was fantastic to see so many people interested in our college and I was shocked to be one of the only three people Chris mentioned at the event.’

Ms Mordaunt said: ‘I’m very proud of Portsmouth College. It’s rapidly growing, innovative and meets everything our city and students need.’

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