Penny Mordaunt supports the MND association.

Penny Mordaunt MP joined other parliamentarians at the Motor Neurone Disease Association reception.

Penny spent time speaking with Motor Neurone Disease sufferers and their families.

More than 100 volunteers travelled to Westminster from across England, Wales and Northern Ireland for our annual parliamentary reception.

They had the chance to share their experiences of issues that affect people living with MND, their families and carers.

We also raised the issue of the proposed changes to Attendance Allowance (a benefit for people aged 65 and over) with MPs – over 55 came on the day.

They heard from our Chief Executive Sally Light, author and first wife of our Patron Prof Stephen Hawking, Dr Jane Hawking, and award winning volunteer and artist Sarah Ezekiel, who is living with MND. They encouraged the politicians to ensure that people living with MND, and their carers, can access the financial support they are entitled to through the benefits system.

Sally Light said:

“It was wonderful to see so many of our amazing volunteers gathered together and for them to have the opportunity to share their personal experience of MND with MPs and peers present”.

Attendees also heard from Penny Mordaunt MP, Minister for Disabled People, Work and Health who said:

“It’s incredibly important for members of Parliament whether we’re ministers or whether we’re backbenchers to hear your stories. It helps us make better policy. The anecdotes and stories you tell us, we can talk about on the floor of the House of Commons and in the House of Lords. And it really does help us tremendously make better laws, make better policy and get you what you need.”

We would like to thank the 820 people who took our e-action and invited their MP to attend the event.

Sally Light (Chief Executive of the MND Association) and Dr Jane Hawking and another of you speaking.

Penny Mordaunt addresses the MNDA reception.

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