Penny Mordaunt MP backs good news for Port Solent residents regarding M27 noise abatement.

The regional Highways England official with responsibility for the M27, has appraised the four options put forward in the engineers' report for noise abatement at Port Solent and is to recommend Option 1, that is to say an acoustic barrier at the top of the embankment - the overwhelming choice of the Residents Association of Port Solent. Explorations of the capital costs have shown that Option 1 is the cheapest and this and its lower impact on the scene are felt to outweigh the need to close lanes of the motorway for several nights to allow the barrier to be constructed. Conversion to a smart motorway is felt to be a remote contingency and so not a reasonable basis on which to reject the cheapest and more visually suitable option. Through-life costs are yet have to be determined and the whole proposal must be put to a cost analysis after which a bid for funds for the project will be made, with a deadline of the end of November. A decision would be expected in early 2017. Further good news is that the near side of the M27 at Port Solent has already been resurfaced to dampen the road noise. I hope that the above is encouraging news, and I will keep you informed of any progress."

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