Portsmouth in top 20 best places in UK to start a new business.

Portsmouth is one of the best locations for small start-up business in the UK according to research compiled by Informi, the business information website that provides free practical advice and support for small businesses.

Informi studied information from UK towns and cities relating to a number of factors that can be important for smaller company survival, including the density of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs), digital connectivity and house prices.

Penny Mordaunt MP said, “ We have such enterprenurial spirit here, and new business are supported by a real community. It is great Portsmouth is being recognised for that, and we want to do much more to really turbo-charge key growth sectors such as the creative industries and hospitality, fishing and food.”

Best cities to start a business in the UK 2016 (change from 2015 in brackets)

1. Brighton (0)

2. Cambridge (0)

3. Leicester (0)

4. Bristol (+2)

5. Northampton (+6)

6. Reading (-1)

7. Aldershot (0)

8. London (+1)

9. Aberdeen (+5)

10. Leeds (+16)

11. Burnley (+22)

12. Southampton (+12)

13. Coventry (-1)

14. Bournemouth (-1)

15. Derby (-5)

16. Portsmouth (0)

17. Manchester (+6)

18. York (+12)

19. Basildon (New entry)

20. Blackburn (-5)

Darren Nichols, Product Manager for Informi said;

“The UK is on track for a record number of start-ups during 2016, demonstrating that the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit is as strong as it’s ever been. New businesses can be found across every region and industry, bringing new jobs, prosperity and growth to their local economies.

SME owners should ensure they take every opportunity to seek out information, support and guidance - such as that offered freely atwww.informi.co.uk – to help them get the fundamentals in place to succeed.”

For more information please visit www.informi.co.uk

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