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As weeks go in Parliament this is a big one: we will vote to trigger article 50 and to start the process for the UK to leave the EU. The vote before MPs is not about the merits of staying or leaving, it is to implement the decision the British people made on that issue last summer. MPs are elected to serve and represent our constituents, and that means using our judgement on every issue, but on issues of great weight we hand that franchise back to the people to decide for us in a referendum. The Supreme Court decision last week was about the process we now must take, and it was helpful in clarifying what parliament must do and the role of the devolved administrations. But it should not be used to try and undermine the validity of that referendum.

For those that voted to leave the EU I can understand why you might be frustrated at what appears to be a giant game of "rock, paper, scissors" being played out by the institutions that surround Parliament square . Don't be frustrated, be proud: that is our constitution in action. What you are seeing are the checks and balances on power, not the derailing of your decision.

An overwhelming majority of MPs voted to have a referendum and more recently to say we would implement the decision you took: the bill to trigger article 50 will be passed. Once it is passed our focus must then turn to the substance of the issue: what the best deal for our country will be with the EU and how we lever all the opportunities that come from being able to forge new relationships with the wider world. I believe that history will judge the result of the referendum as an act of vision, courage and leadership by our nation. I hope that at the end of negations, and as we sign those first trade deals, all who voted remain will agree.

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