Thank You! Portsmouth City Council pushes cash into the north of the city.

Portsmouth City Council Budget Press Release:

Thank You! Portsmouth City Council pushes cash into the north of the city.

Penny Mordaunt MP has welcomed the news that Portsmouth City Council are to provide cash for the north of the city for much needed improvements and investment into buildings, green spaces and community centers.

“I’ve campaigned for more than ten years for the City Council to ensure cash reaches the north of Portsmouth. I’m pleased to see that Portsmouth City Council’s capital budget recongises this. Areas such as Paulsgrove and Wymering for example have been starved of City Council investment for a long time. I’m pleased that this is changing under a Conservative administration.

Penny Mordaunt has also called upon the City Council previously to do more to help areas such as North End.

Penny Mordaunt urges the City Council to take into consideration the unique economy of North End for the updating and creation of the new local plan for North End and surrounding area.

It’s important that residents are able to influence where money should be spent, and residents in the north have long felt that the City Council haven’t invested in their areas. Todays capital budget from Portsmouth City Council is a positive start and I hope that future budgets will also continue to see much needed and deserved investment for the north of the city. With Tipner, the Country Park at Port Solent and the improvements to Hilsea and the coastline we will be able to improve the quality of life for our residents.”

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