Join Penny Mordaunt's General Election campaign team

Portsmouth North, are you ready to return a Conservative majority Government?

As many of you will have heard today, the Prime Minister announced a snap General Election. Tonight, the Portsmouth North Officers, President, Deputy Chairman Political(s) and Campaign Manager will meet to layout the plans for the Conservative General Election here in Portsmouth North. We intend to win Portsmouth North for a third time. Penny Mordaunt won the seat back from Labour in 2010. In 2015, she increased her majority. In 2017, we WILL retain the seat, but we need your help to do this. We have a popular MP in Penny and a vibrant campaign team. We continue to make gains in Portsmouth North, and this comes off of the back of hard work. We need your help to continue this momentum.

  • You can help the General Election campaign by delivering leaflets (as few or as many as you can manage).

  • Telephone Canvassing - whether it's from your own home, or from our Campaign HQ to spread the Conservative message of a stronger country for all.

  • Envelope Stuffing / Folding in the office - there's always stuff to do and any and all contributions are welcome!

  • Donations - Any and all monies will be received gratefully and go towards Penny's election campaign.

  • Helping us Get Out The Vote on polling day. Our campaign HQ will be abuzz with activity. The more Conservative supporters that we can ensure are out voting, the better. We can't let Labour and Jeremy Corbyn win.

  • Please do let us know if you'd like to help out in anyway at all. It's an important time and any and all help really is appreciated and needed.

We'll be hosting some fundraisers shortly to also help towards the campaign costs. Details will be circulated shortly. Additionally, we also want to encourage the newer members who've joined recently to come and get involved, meet your Conservative team, meet Penny and help us stomp to victory on June 8th for a third time.

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