Penny Mordaunt MP praises the life changing work of Hearing Dogs charity.

Penny Mordaunt MP visited the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People charity this week. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a UK charity that trains dogs to alert deaf people to sounds they can't hear, which can be life saving.

Penny said; “The work that Hearing Dogs do is outstanding. They work with a wide range of dogs and invest into bespoke training to ensure that they are ready to help improve the lives of deaf adults and children across the UK, including in our area.”

Deafness does not just affect a person’s hearing. It is an invisible disability that isolates people from others. It can strip people of their confidence and destroy their sense of independence.

Penny added, “The companionship and confidence that a trained hearing dog can provide to a person is a bond that can both help improve the quality of a persons life, and often can help save a person who might be suffering from loneliness or isolation.

Your support for organisations such as Hearing Dogs can help in so many ways, from sponsoring the training of a puppy through to volunteering for the charity. It all makes a difference towards helping people with hearing disabilities.”

Hearing Dogs is a national UK charity and you can find out more from their website:

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