Penny Mordaunt MP launches 'Food, Festivities & Friendship' campaign to tackle lonelines

When the nights are dark and cold, the Christmas lights are twinkling and festive cheer is taking hold, please spare a thought for those who are less fortunate. Spare a thought for the elderly person who's alone, the mum who's worrying about paying for Christmas, the pensioner who's worried about paying the winter heating bill and the rough sleepers on the streets outside.

Portsmouth has a big, big heart. The incredible community groups, volunteer organisations, outreach services, churches of all religions are inspiring. Add that alongside our amazing traders across the city and we have a a lot to offer people as a city. My Food, Festivities and Friendship campaign is a way of trying to bring all of these elements together to try and make someone's Christmas that little bit better and to try and help end loneliness.

Please head over to the Food, Festivities and Friendship page:

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