Penny Mordaunt MP welcomes Paulsgrove & North Harbour regeneration

Portsmouth North MP, Penny Mordaunt has welcomed the regeneration and investment into the north of the city. Before being elected in 2010, Penny Mordaunt had called for investment into the north of the city, and to re-address the balance of funds being made available there.

Penny Mordaunt said, “For a long time, the north of the city, including areas such as Paulsgrove had been starved of cash. We saw more and more facilities close which could have remained open. Community centres were lost and not replaced, and there were undeveloped wastelands like Southampton Road, where previously housing had stood, having been demolished and not developed."

Penny continued: "I campaigned for years to see King Richard School rebuilt in order to give local children an education and learning environment fit for purpose, and that was inclusive for all students. The new school is now here and is another example of good regeneration and investment into education."

"Since 2014, I have been pleased to see Conservative run Portsmouth City Council continue to invest into Paulsgrove, whether that’s at the Hillside Youth Community Centre, with £180k invested last year for creating new outdoor play areas for sports and recreation), or the £20k to help maintain Watersedge Community Centre. Add to that, the colossal investment of £16m into the new retail park, which is attracting big brands to the area and will open soon, and the recent development of the old vacant Paulsgrove Enterprise centre, by low cost supermarket Aldi next to Racecourse Lane, the area is really on the up.

"Jo Hooper, a local community champion has also successfully campaigned to see the old Paulsgrove Splash Pool re-opened and I'm pleased that the City Council has now committed to the re-opening of the pool this year and are continuing to increase the leisure offering in the area."

There’s an air of positivity around the area, which has been lacking for many years. We need to do more, we need to keep investing into areas in the north of the city, and to attract the right development, but this is a bumper start to the regeneration of Paulsgrove and the wider area.”

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