Success! Port Solent Noise Barrier approved!

Port Solent residents celebrate victory as Highways England vows to fit noise barriers by M27 HIGHWAYS bosses have finally agreed to fit noise barriers to drown out the ‘deafening roar’ coming from a road which has blighted families in Port Solent for years. Highways England has green-lit the move to install the walls along the edge of the M27 by Port Solent.

The campaign to have them installed was led by members of Port Solent Residents Association. Chris Clark, 66, committee member of the group, said: ‘This is proof that if you get your local MP on side they can be extremely persuasive. ‘With her help, she gave new life to a campaign that seemed to be a dead issue five or six years ago.’

Teresa Pask, 69, of Oyster Quay, was thankful the screens would soon be installed. She said: ‘The noise is horrendous. It’s like a roar. ‘I have lived on the outskirts of the M25 in Weybridge in Surrey and it’s noisier here than it ever has been there. ‘ Oliva Firth, 70, of Coverack Way, added: ‘This is a long-awaited and much-desired addition.’ Highways England will provide updates on the project in the coming months, Ms Mordaunt added.

Penny said: "It was a real pleasure to meet with residents from Port Solent to deliver the positive news that after more than ten years of campaigning, Highways England has approved the Noise Barrier scheme along the stretch of the M27 motorway that runs along the edge of Port Solent.

The new noise barrier will be designed and built by the end of 2020.

Well done to all who have campaigned and worked to make this a reality. Especially Jo Hooper for Paulsgrove & Cllr. Gemma New & Port Solent Residents Association (RAPS)."


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