Penny Mordaunt MP: Brexit must be delivered.

The public must be exasperated. Many of them agonised over which way to vote in the referendum. They had different views, different concerns, but whichever way they voted none of them were ever in any doubt that the result would be delivered.

That is the trust they have in our institutions- in parliament, in our courts, and in us, their elected politicians who stood on manifestos which promised to implement their will.

The greatest act of patriotism in the last few years was not by the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU, of which I was one. It was by the vast majority of those who voted remain and who adhered to our national democratic values and tradition by accepting the referendum result. That is patriotism.

The Prime Minister is determined to deliver on the referendum result. She understands the devastating breach of trust not to do so would be. Against those who would overturn the result of the referendum, she has fought to implement the results. She has endured insults and intransigence from the EU. She has tried to create a deal which would both enable us to leave and address business’ legitimate concerns. And she has always done what she believes to be in the national interest. That is why I have supported her and supported her in the vote on her deal.

Her deal has now been rejected by the Commons. It is vital that we find a way forward to deliver Brexit. People, particularly EU citizens who have made their home here and UK citizens living in the EU, deserve clarity about what the House does support. So the Prime Minister has set out how we intend to proceed:

  • First, we need to confirm whether this Government still enjoys the confidence of the House.

  • If it does, the PM will meet with Conservative colleagues, our Confidence and Supply partner the DUP, and senior Parliamentarians from across the House to identify what would be required to secure the backing of the House.

  • If these meetings yield ideas that are genuinely negotiable and have sufficient support in the House, the Government will then explore them with the EU.

The PM has asked MPs on all sides to listen to the British people, who want this issue settled, and to work with the Government to do just that.

In uncertain times the British people have always looked to our institutions, but also our national values and democratic traditions. They put their trust in them. And in making their decisions in the coming days, MPs must remember why they do.

We are a democracy. We trusted the people to decide. They gave us their answer.

Then, and at the subsequent election, they put their trust and faith in Members of Parliament to deliver it. When people trust you in this way you must never let them down. Brexit must be delivered.

Penny Mordaunt MP

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