Take part in the live consultation of Conservative grassroots members... #GrassrootsLive

Join Penny Mordaunt in a live consultation call with fellow Conservatives

For reasons I set out in my article this week (See article here), I believe this leadership contest must not be a repeat of previous contests. Politics today is about the team. We have huge expertise and experience in the party which is not just vital to formulating policy but also in delivering for our citizens.

This is why, in advance of the leadership contest, we would like to give you the opportunity to set out your views and priorities through a live consultation call which will take place at 8pm on Tuesday 4th June.

Helping me host the call will be some of my parliamentary colleagues, including Nicky Morgan, George Freeman, Robert Buckland and Andrew Bowie. We will set out some of the challenges facing the country and possible solutions to those big issues. We will also talk about our party and where we go from here.

You can express your views by taking part in live polling while on the call using your keypad. There will also be time to take some questions directly from you during the call.

The findings of the call will help inform the debate and bring the ideas, experience and knowledge of the party's members and campaigners to the heart of this contest.

If you wish to join the call, please register by clicking on the following link: www.pennymordaunt.com/signup

The call is free to you, whether on a landline or mobile, and is expected to take about an hour.

If there are particular topics you think we should address on this call, please let us know by tweeting in advance of Tuesday using #GrassrootsLive

Thank you for your interest and in all you do for your communities, country and our party. We look forward to speaking with as many of you as possible.

Read the full article on www.conservativehome.com​​

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