"We know when the furlough scheme is flexibly wound down it will be a difficult moment. The £9 billion scheme to incentivise employers to retain furloughed workers is welcome. As is the kick start scheme will help create jobs for young people and the massive increase in training courses. However, I am especially pleased that the Chancellor has recognised that those over 25 will also need retraining opportunities and that there will be a new apprentice scheme for the over 25s.

We will also double the number of job coaches to provide people with the support they may need.

Most welcome of all is the huge VAT cut for the hospitality and tourism sector- from 20-5%. This will help Portsmouth businesses greatly. I like the creativity of the discount vouchers for those sectors in August and will be looking closely about how it will work to ensure it doesn’t disrupt cashflow for our small businesses. I think the benefit of it will be to encourage people to head out and use the Portsmouth’s reopening cafes, pubs and restaurants.

The funds to help insulate homes and public buildings will not just help create jobs and help the environment but will reduce household bills too.

Portsmouth is a hugely entrepreneurial and resilient place, we have tough times ahead- for businesses and for individuals, but we will get through it."

Penny Mordaunt MP

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