As discussed in Greater, Britain after the Storm, and with encouragement from many in Portsmouth...

As discussed in Greater, Britain after the Storm, and with encouragement from many in Portsmouth I have asked the BBC DG to consider reinstating the UK theme. Here is my letter to him.

Tim Davie

Director General


Broadcasting House,

Peel Wing,

Portland Pl,

London W1A 1AA

24th May 2021

I am writing in a personal capacity as the MP for Portsmouth North and the author of a new book: Greater. Britain after the storm. I enclose a copy as I think it may be of interest, not least because it mentions you.

Specifically, it says that your emphasis on championing local culture is correct and that must include regional and local diversity.

I interviewed a number of people from the BBC for the book, in particular those involved in nations and regions and also some who have been behind some of the best BBC output in recent years, Blue Planet being one example. We also discuss a large number of vintage programming from Dr Who, to Blue Peter, Blake’s 7 as well as news production and comedy.

While critical of some of the actions the corporation has taken resulting in trust from the public being undermined, we also point to the BBC being at the heart of the British brand and that many people do feel some pride in it. There is much to be gained by the BBC reconnecting with its audience and rebuilding that trust, and I know that is your focus.

One example of where that trust was lost was in the axing of the UK theme. I am sure you are aware of the matter but what is not often appreciated was its provenience. The UK Theme was not a jingoistic mash up as is often painted. Written by a Jewish refugee, it was a love song to those that took him in. There would be no better way for the BBC to show it has listened and learned than for it to bring it back. I would encourage you to consider it.

Thank you for all you are doing and good luck for the challenges ahead.

Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP

If you are reading this and you'd like to buy a copy of Penny Mordaunt's new book, you can purchase your copy of Greater: Britain after the Storm here.

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