01st Mar 2022

Update: Ukraine, kit appeal and further information

Our city, more than most, understands what it takes to fight tyranny. I know we are all moved by the courage shown by Ukrainian armed forces and civilians who are taking up arms. We all feel strongly about the need to help and you can. If you as an individual or a business can provide any of the kit listed below we will make sure it gets to where it is needed.

There is a constant need for tactical gear. Specifically, items on this list: https://tinyurl.com/4j78rhsb. Given we have a lot of ex-service personnel in our patch there might be many people who will have old gear they are not using anymore. They need body armour (specifically Level IV and above) and helmets.

The other item they really need more of is ration packs.

I am running an appeal for these items with the help of The Portsmouth News. If you can get the things to Lakeside, North Harbour we will get them to those that need them.

If you don’t have any items to donate you can still help by donating financially. There are many organisations that can help from the Red Cross to Come Back Alive, which obtains body armour and other things to help troops, but the Embassy is pushing this global fund- which will provide the most flexibility. https://www.withukraine.org/

The UK is not directly involved in the fighting but is providing support to Ukraine. I am anticipating that some people from our city may wish to join the fight, especially those with a connection to Ukraine. Only those with the specific skills required should consider going, and you need to be fully informed about all that will entail. I am in touch with the Ukrainian organiser for the UK for those wishing to assist Ukrainian Armed Forces directly and can put you in touch so you can be fully informed before making a decision. Please get in touch with my office.