28th Sep 2023

Aquind Update

Dear Resident

 I am writing to you with an update following the recent news that Portsmouth City Council and Aquind came to an agreement which has been reported widely in the press.

I know that many of you will be concerned about the nature of this agreement given your opposition to the project and I thought it would be helpful if I wrote to provide you with an update from the Local Authority following concerns I raised with them.

Portsmouth City Council responded to advise that the agreement was a result of a request by the Secretary of State for an update on a co-operation agreement between Aquind and the Local Authority regarding the ongoing and essential flood defence work for North Portsea island. The Local Authority has agreed (without prejudice) with Aquind that if development consent is achieved they will not interfere with this essential work, nor would it result in additional or wasted expense to the tax payer. The agreement identifies where the projects interact, both in terms of location and time and puts in place management plans to manage any conflicts.

Portsmouth City Council have stressed that the co-operation agreement should not be taken as an indication that the Local Authority has reduced their opposition to the Aquind project and the Local Authority has emphasised that it continues to makes its objections known at every available opportunity.

Given we have new Secretary of State I have again written to them to reiterate my strong opposition to the project.I have asked as part of this representation that the Secretary of State seek to make a decision as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely

Penny Mordaunt MP