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Penny Mordaunt: Off The Fence 23-11-2023

We are a generous compassionate nation which has

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Autumn Statement: Backing Portsmouth, people, families and businesses.

Yesterdays Autumn Statement was one that will back

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Petition to keep Remembrance events clear from competing events and protests.

Last weekend should have been about one thing only:

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Digital imprint – legal requirement update

In-line with legal requirements, we are publishing our digital imprint: Promoted by Penny Mordaunt MP of PNCA, Portsmouth, PO48PH

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Penny’s Coronation Dress to be sold for good causes

Below is the story behind my Coronation Dress and the journey from concept, design through to the Coronation of King Charles lll.

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Speech to Conservative Party Conference 2023

I love conference. It is a chance to see you all. To be able to thank you for all that you do. For all that you believe in. And for being here today. And it’s important that you are. Because this is the turning point. It is the point from which we are going to […]

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Aquind Update

Dear Resident  I am writing to you with an update following the recent news that Portsmouth City Council and Aquind came to an agreement which has been reported widely in the press. I know that many of you will be concerned about the nature of this agreement given your opposition to the project and I […]

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We are a nation of people who step up and take responsibility. Onward shows how we can help empower the next generation.

No one is more effective at helping others than a willing volunteer. Nothing is more rewarding than serving your community and nation. Many young people are struggling with their mental health, to find purpose, and feel a sense of belonging. Stepping forward to help others could be part of the answer. Service can help build […]

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Penny Mordaunt MP | Off The Fence – Portsmouth News

There are a plethora of organisations telling us how we can make it to net zero. The things they list the UK and others must do will vary, but they will all be about the update of particular technology. Debates tend to centre on which list is the right one. In the political sphere, the […]

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