30th Jun 2023

Penny Mordaunt launches constituency Pothole and Road Repair survey

“I’m pleased to confirm that the Conservative Government recently awarded Portsmouth £749,000 in 2022 over four payment instalments to last until 2025 for pothole and road repairs. Additionally, a further £317,000 has also been announced for Portsmouth by the government to be used to fix potholes. I know how frustrating potholes can be. They are blighting our streets.

Frustratingly, the City Council and Colas (as the PFI contractor), do not appear to be using this money for what it is intended. That is not right and where money has been paid to the local authority or contractor, it should be used to repair ‘pothole’ afflicted roads that are in a poor state of repair.

Please take part in my survey below to help me evidence where there are potholes or roads in need of maintenance, that the awarded funding could or should be used for.”

Penny Mordaunt MP

Complete the survey by using the link here