11th Jul 2023

The unsung heroes will see us through

The true heroes are the ones you never see. They are my inspiration and hope, and they’re the reason I’m an MP, writes Penny Mordaunt MP.

With Wimbledon entertaining us all at the moment, it was apt to see two great celebrations of service this week. The first was for our NHS workers. It takes real belief and determination to keep going when things are tough.

We all know that the NHS has been under a great deal of strain as a result of the pandemic and the subsequent backlog it created. So many of them simply got on with it.

Not just the doctors and nurses, but so often the unsung cleaners, caterers and administrators that keep these services moving.

They used to be called  the “ancillary” workers, but they’re more than that.

While 75 years of their service were being recognised at Westminster Abbey, Edinburgh was hosting another celebration of duty: Scotland’s honours were being given to His Majesty King Charles III.

Like the coronation, it was a recognition of his responsibility towards us, but also of the good work done by so many across the nation. The procession was a parade of love and kindness from all walks of life.

It was wonderful.

Drama and division grab the headlines. So, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the
millions or acts of modest, self-sacrifice and service that happen every day.

Some of the most generous offers come from those with the least. I hear so much talk in politics about heroes.

But for me, the true heroes are the ones you never see. They just quietly get on with it. As long there are people like that, we’ll be all right. They are my inspiration and hope.

They’re the reason I’m an MP and a Minister. Responsibility calls to responsibility. It’s an honour to represent such people.

When they put their faith in you, simply never, ever let them down.

Our country is going through some tough times. Mid-term, mid-recovery, mid-war.

We are all measured at our lowest points. The darker times are memorable – it’s when you really see the stars.

There are some very special people in our country.

Seeing them and the events of this past week, I know we will get through.