14th Nov 2023

Petition to keep Remembrance events clear from competing events and protests.

Last weekend should have been about one thing only: commemorating and remembering the fallen and thanking our veterans and armed forces families.

This petition is to gather support for establishing a convention of not allowing any major protests on Armistice Day or Remembrance weekend.

As well as recognising this time as a solemn one for the nation, it is also vital that all who wish to take part can do so. Concerns over attending, whether they be for safety or more complex travel arrangements should not deter people, especially veterans from being where they wish on the day.

If you are in agreement, please add your name below (by clicking on the link) so I can demonstrate support. Thank you.

Penny Mordaunt MP

Sign my petition here https://forms.gle/zRuFbPAoPMyK3BRf7

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